let developer = {
    name: 'Amir El Bakh',
    type: 'Web Developer',
    location: 'Birmingham',
    properties:['PHP - Laravel',

Web Developer

With a focus on building beautiful, performant and responsive websites


Hello! I'm Amir El Bakh

A web developer based in Birmingham, specializing in building exceptional websites for over 11 years. As an imaginative and strategic thinker, with a plan for everything I apply creativity and rationality to everything I do. With a natural thirst for knowledge I continue to pursue learning new technologies and techniques to help develop myself and the quality of my work.

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Tailwind CSS Tailwind
Bulma Bulma
JavaScript JavaScript
jQuery jQuery
Vue.js Vue.js
Node.js Node.js
Webpack Webpack
Laravel Laravel
Apache Apache
API Development API's
Firebase Firebase
Lighthouse Lighthouse
Django Django
CodeIgniter CodeIgniter
Git Git
GitHub GitHub
Docker Docker
PhpStorm PhpStorm
Composer Composer
Python Python
Pandas Pandas
NumPy NumPy
Jupyter Jupyter
Tableau Tableau
PostgreSQL PostgresSQL
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#Recent Work

Seatbelt website
Seatbelt Logo

Optimizing local presence

Using my technical background and skills, I offer small and midsize businesses web-based solutions and consultancy. From driving instructors to retailers, I assist clients from concept-to-completion in creating or improving their online presence by building beautiful, performant and responsive websites.

HTML5 CSS3 PHP Laravel MySQL UI/UX Design SEO optimization Performance optimization Custom CMS
Tealium CDP
Eurostar Logo

Delivering a 360° view of the customer

Assisted in building an ecosystem of tools to bring vital data in real time to several marketing and operational systems. By connecting data (Marketing, Operational and Sales) across the organisation Eurostar was able to better identify different customers segments and target communications based on a host of actionable indicators.

Customer Data Platform Tealium AudienceStream Salesforce AWS Proof of Concept Data Science
Solar Collective
Gemeente Zwolle Logo

Urban locations for generating solar energy

Analysed geospatial data in a scrum team and developed an online tool to provide residents insights into which roofs in Zwolle are suitable and profitable for the collective generation of solar energy.

Python Pandas NumPy Geo Data Jupyter Notebook Data Science
Time2impress Logo

Third-party services managed in one place

The custom designed web portal built for Time2impress manages to organize the business operations more sustainably. By allowing their clients to manage their hosting related jobs through one central system, Time2impress reduced the amount of phone calls, emails and time spent on frequent manual jobs.

HTML5 CSS3 PHP MySQL Database Design UI/UX Design Data Synchronization API Integrations API Development